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I don't get it. A game that has been in developement for several years and cost allegedly over 100 million dollars and I can't expect it to have end-game dungeons? ARE YOU SERIOUS? I buy a Ferrari and I shouldn't whine if there's rust and it lacks an engine? It's not like we cleared all the dungeons a week after release and now have nothing to do. We were able to do 1 dungeon.
They have 1 end-game dungeon at release! MMO's with 1/100 of the developement budget had more at release. Taral V is obviously broken as well unless you wanna claim that it's normal to get DC'd after you respawn.

This is why I'm calling you out as a fanboy: For defending Bioware for delivering massively broken content(getting DC'd and thus forced to wait 3 hours in queue is prety major IMO) and for claiming that it's perfectly fine and normal to lack one of the most integral part of MMO end-game content in a AAA MMO post WoW.
ANY software in the world has bugs and problems. To arbitrarily think that this was going to be released without any bugs whatsoever is beyond naive. I'm not a fanboy for defending Bioware, they will release content, and they will fix bugs because I have faith in them to fix these issues in time. That's not a fanboy, that's called being realistic. You, however, are being an unrealistic entitled child who believes that every piece of software released should be flawless. And MMO's with 1/100 of the budget also have no voice acting, don't look nearly as nice, and don't have massive quest chains with multiple interactions and outcomes.

Honestly, I think you are being completely unrealistic with the situation. If you are that bored already, stop playing. Or roll an alt. /sigh

If you wanted them to fix it you should have used a more positive title that would garner attention from the employees looking for bug reports in the forums. When you post a title with a snarky one-liner like "GJ BIOWARE! /sarcasm" don't be surprised when people call you out on your lack of delivering information in a respectful manner.
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