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Endless gear treadmills in PvP w/o some sort of system like this just bleed the playerbase over time. It's no surprise that there's such opposition from remaining players, since that population has been filtered down to only people that can tolerate the previous lame system. I'm guessing BW isn't going for retaining those players so much as enticing new players and luring back people like me.

Here's my sub--show me what you can do BW. Don't pussyfoot around like RIFT; a small group of hardcore elitist cockroaches never kept any PvP community alive. Drawing in casuals, PvE'ers, and new blood is the way to go. Stay on target... Stay on target...
Hardcore pvp guilds still murder pve'ers/casuals bolster or not. Nothing really changed on my server except there are more premades now because people refuse to solo queue only to be grouped with players who got no clue how to pvp.
More premades and longer queue times since 2.0 thanks to broken bolster.