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marissalf, that was utterly wonderful. I love Vector's voice. In your story, I mean. That sly humor and then the awesome support and everything.
Thank you! The agent has a lot of demons in her past, and Vector’s such a calming influence for her. I hate to think how she’d react if something happened to him. (Though that might make a good What If? some time.)

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Marissalf - Kinka does seem to have had some long, great suffering in her past. It's nice that she and Vector can have some happiness <3
The poor girl needed something nice in her life. She does have some darkness there, which I will totally get to writing...eventually.

Yoshi, That’s gotta hurt, Dankin getting busted for speeding, considering all the other nefarious things smugglers get involved in. And it’s no surprise Corso would be in heaven in a place like that.

Bright, Love the banter between Wynston and Watcher Two. I get the impression he’d be able to wear her down eventually if he really wanted to.

Irishfino, I loved this! It was nice to see Rylee’s evolving impression of Geltie, from skepticism to infatuation to this point where she’s got faith in him that comes from genuine affection rather than because she’s part of his cult. The whole thing was just so lovely and romantic.