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Perfect, I agree. Bugs apart, the competitive PvP'ers who aren't interested in rolling people because of gear gaps love the new bolster. Ding ding, right on bro. Again, great post. Don't listen to the disgruntled. I appreciate your testing to help figure out the details of how this new bolster system works. Admitedly, I was too lazy to do a lot of personal testing. Keep it up man, keep it up. One of the rare posts that isn't just a bunch of whining! The people who complain about your posts are secretly syaing "i love you..." The bandwagon is too full and eventually those who remain in-game will make sense of the system and use it when they gear up to min/max. *tips hat with all of the others to thank you, even the ones who claim "lolbolster." They love you too! It is one big love-fest man!
If you'd actually read the whole opening post, you would realize bolster is in fact creating a huge stat gap in ways people don't even realize until they enter a warzone and start inspecting and seeing people who have significantly better gear than them have significantly worse post-bolster stats or vice versa.

To make it perfectly clear from those who can't figure it out from the thread opener's post, quoting something I typed in another thread because I don't want to type it all out again:

Quote: Originally Posted by Dawncatcher View Post
Bolster does not remove the gear gap. In many cases, it widens the gear gap. This is because it behaves in ways that are completely unpredictable to the average player who has not done extensive testing to figure out how it works or having read the findings of someone who has. If you had actually read what we were talking about, rather than putting words in people's mouths because "Bolster is supposed to remove the gear gap, and there for anyone who is collecting numbers on it must be just want to outgear you, therefore they must be complaining about the lack of gear gap", you would have noticed the following issues, which I shall now reword to attempt to make it more clear why people might go in with gear that gets under-bolstered. (This is without even getting into exploits people have been complaining about in other threads.)
* A jedi sentinel who turned 50 and got the Recruit set just before the expansion came out goes into the level 55 (or pre-55) warzones wearing this, assuming that since his gear has at least some expertise, he'll be better than everyone who doesn't have expertise gear yet. Little does he know that the small amount of expertise on his gear completely negates all the expertise he would've gotten from bolster.
* A vanguard who had a full mixture war hero/elite war hero before the expansion comes out continues to PvP in this gear while working on replacing it with Partisan/Conqueror. He's disappointed when the expertise is removed from all but the relics, but figures it's still better than anything else he could hope to get before Partisan/Conqueror. Little does he know he's receiving a bolster penalty on his two relics, not getting bolstered expertise on them because they already have some relics. After several weeks of PvP with this disadvantage, someone points it out to them, so he removes the relics and leaves the slots empty. What the person failed to tell him, is that since they "fixed" naked PvP, there's also a penalty for leaving slots empty (empty slots receive much less bolster than if you put something, anything, there), and he's still at a disadvantage relative to someone who even put in a couple cheap lightside relics.
* A scoundrel also has war hero from before the update. Not only does she not know to get rid of her war hero relics, she wants to keep her old 2-piece war hero healing set bonus for the +15% Kolto Cloud healing. Kolto Cloud is her only group heal, and she likes that old set bonus much better than the new +10% defense screen absorb set bonus. So she decides to leave the war hero armor mods in place on two pieces of armor, but replace the mod mods and enhancement mods on those pieces. Little does she know this actually results in less expertise, due to bolster not adding expertise to any item that has even 1 expertise on it already, and looking at the item as a whole, not mod-by-mod, and she would've been better off to just leave the war hero mod mods and enhancement mods in those armor pieces, if she wanted the two-piece set bonus so much.
* A commando grinds out Basic gear on Makeb, and, seeing that recruit gear has been replaced with bolster, figures he can PvP with it. Little does he know there's an expertise bolster penalty on higher rated gear. Not even knowing that there is a penalty, let alone how much of one, he doesn't bother to calculate whether the increase in other stats over his old gear from level 50 is worth the expertise loss.

None of these are people deliberately or even accidentally exploiting bugs. In fact, their gear is putting them at a disadvantage. They just don't know it, because they have no idea how bolster works. Back when there was no bolster in endgame PvP, it was easy to see how good your gear was; what you saw was what you got, other than the -30% healing penalty in PvP which was at least simple and easy to calculate. Now there's this mysterious black box that transforms one set of stats outside a warzone into another set of stats inside the warzone, and people who figure out how that mysterious black box works are going to be at an advantage over people who just leap into warzones with no idea how it works, hoping for the best.