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You increased damage in wz's in 2.0 by 60% and did not reduce stun duration. Ops mainly, and another class or two are stun locking with one stun and burning down players with 30k health before they ever come out of stun.

At some point your unbalanced game becomes unenjoyable for even the most hardcore of us to keep queuing.
It's really weird, I think it's glitched somehow.

On my operative, sometimes I can stunlock people with knockdown + stun, then burn them down to 30% hp, other times, can't stunlock them at all. This is including when they break cc the first time.

On the receiving end, on my operative, I can usually break free, instantly stand up without issue.

On my sniper/gunslinger, for some reason no matter when I break cc, the animation of me standing up is still playing before I regain control to do anything.

Never been burned down from 100-0% hp during a stunlock though. Though, I've done it to others, before 2.0, likely people in recruit gear, since they only had 13k hp.

Had one really Really hilarious experience a long time ago. I was in voidstar, stealthed up to the first door as attackers, saw 1 jugg guarding (14k hp), then saw a sin stealthed next to him. I quickly opened up on the jugg, finished him before he could stand up, saw the sin sorta flinch/move slightly, then target me, but I just stealthed out normally before he even attacked. Then I opened up on him, killed him, then planted. good times.

Haven't had that easy of a job since 2.0 though, since now all the health pools are like 25-45k hp.
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