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Thanks everyone for the info.

Dulfy, 2 points regarding your guide:
Terrified The People of Westwater Settlements: I completed the [STAGE 2] Local Trouble, and I didn't get this achievement. I think I also completed the bonus for it, though I don't remember that right now (was the bonus to click five consoles? If yes, then I indeed completed it).

Diverted Mercenaries to the Volcanic Mesa: I have the achievement, and I ran the missions in the following order:
1 - Smuggler’s Den
2 - Landing Party
3 - Eviction Notice
I did not cross-check it though (that is, I remember running the missions in this order, and I know I have the achievement, but I haven't checked the achievement right after finishing one/two/three of the missions)
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Scorpio is just a glorified Microsoft product ("time to upgrade", "I must upgrade",etc.) and I really want this thing off my ship. Kaliyo went from obnoxious to worthless really fast and I would love to dump her out the airlock.