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05.10.2013 , 11:11 PM | #29
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Carnage sentinel? Funny, I thought you were Imperials.

Still, that squishy marauder has, for all I know, predation, undying rage, and his cc breaker all available. Doesn't exempt him from being roped by a trooper back into the pit. Yeah, he'd be screwed then. Otherwise, he scores if he's not terrible.

Of course, if he doesn't - and you KNOW this somehow, then yeah, passing would be pointless.
I'm sorry maybe next time I should ask him in ops chat if he has all of those available CC breaker will work on one stun/root, what will he do next? Predation doesn't free you from stuns/roots. Undying rage would have given him 5 seconds of immunity. I had to tank that ball for over a minute. I know people think maras/sents are OP but they really aren't.

anything else coach?
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