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Carnage sentinel? Funny, I thought you were Imperials.

Still, that squishy marauder has, for all I know, predation, undying rage, and his cc breaker all available. Doesn't exempt him from being roped by a trooper back into the pit. Yeah, he'd be screwed then. Otherwise, he scores if he's not terrible.

Of course, if he doesn't - and you KNOW this somehow, then yeah, passing would be pointless.
I played pub side the majority of my dual wielding days, and recently moved imp side. Get the terminology mixed up, sue me. Hopefully a pro like you would get the point, but I'm beginning to think thats too far of an assumption for me to make.

Predation, undying rage, and cc breakers would not have saved that marauder who was barely hanging on to his life as it is. Did you not watch the video to see what the tank was put through? How many times his resolve bar was whited? He used his CC breaker, and that didn't help him. Again, post something actually constructive and relevant to the video rather than troll please.

^ and LOL well put Andy.
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