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You call him a dimwit, but I guess you're brain is just overloading too much from your higher level of understanding to realize that if he were to pass it off that squishy carnage sentinel would have been put through the exact same hell Myrm was, except he wouldn't have survived. Please try to think over what you post before you post it, and apply a little critical thinking to whats going on in the match before you blindly criticize others, and wind up looking clueless. Then again I guess a pro like you wouldn't have been susceptible to those roots though. POT 5 seems to have the best trolls lately. I'll give you guys that.
Carnage sentinel? Funny, I thought you were Imperials.

Still, that squishy marauder has, for all I know, predation, undying rage, and his cc breaker all available. Doesn't exempt him from being roped by a trooper back into the pit. Yeah, he'd be screwed then. Otherwise, he scores if he's not terrible.

Of course, if he doesn't - and you KNOW this somehow, then yeah, passing would be pointless.
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