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Pass the ball to the open receiver. You had two chance within the first 30 seconds. Marauder/Warrior at the 11 second mark, and the same guy is open again at the 27/28 second mark.
Not to mention failing at intercede.

and where is the rest of your fail team? Clearly not clearing out all those guys holding you in place throughout the video. probably off on the side 3 on 1ing some guy who's laughing his butt off at being able to keep three simpletons busy away from the ball.

Seriously, outside of the healer, the rest of your team should be embarrassed at that pathetic display of teamwork. You literally forced your way through their entire team the last 15 second of the clip.

Nothing wrong with the game, only things wrong with your own inability to hit the pass button to the open receiver mid way through the video, and the rest of your team's inability to clear space for you with CC.

Don't blame the game because you can't complete a pass 20 meters away, or conversely, the rest of your non-healing support team sucks at huttball.
LMAO someones mad

EDIT: Oh and I was in a 4 man premade. The healer was healing me and the other two dps were at mid waiting to pick the ball up. I dont know how you do it on PIT 5 oh i mean POT 5 but over on Begeren we like to score the ball AND pick it up on reset too

Quote: Originally Posted by PoliteAssasin View Post
POT 5 seems to have the best trolls lately. I'll give you guys that.
He's no copperfield!
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