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Will we be able to change color to CARTEL MARKET armor and LEGACY armor aswell? for example the ERADICATOR's warsuit and GREE SACALE armor?
i would like the gree armor to glow in purple and be black itself
i would love would match my black-purple crystal
2. Alot of cartel market outfits and reputation outfits are below level 15, will these be dyeable? Can you give a list of lore outfits that are not dyeable?

All Cartel Market outfits (with the exception of Lore gear) will be dyeable, regardless of item level.

Lore outfits that do not have Dye Module slots include the KOTOR outfits inspired by:

Bastila Shan

The Last Handmaiden

Carth Onasi

Darth Malak

Jolee Bindo

Triumvirate Armor

Additionally, the Revan armor set and the Mask of Nihilus are also considered Lore gear, and do not have Dye Module slots.

As for the Gree armor... the neon colors appear to be hardwired into the armor (cannot match to color, so probably cannot dye either).

Legacy gear..... no idea.
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