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05.10.2013 , 07:39 PM | #115
The final boss on Mandolorian Raiders, like most bosses, have an attack that randomly hits someone with no respect to aggro list. People usually panic too much when they see the boss randomly turn around to attack someone, not realizing that this is completely intended. On that boss if you AE at where the boss is, that will usually cover all the turrets. However due to the significant healing required, AE alone isn't going to hold aggro on the turret your tank isn't attacking. What I usually do is switch to the other turret about 10 seconds into the fight to make sure I have aggro on it, and DPS can just tank the other turret with CD if needed. You don't want the second turret to start hitting your healer, as that's very bad news. DPS should be able to tank one just fine with their CDs, and taunt should definitely be back up after the DPS's defensive CD runs out.

The survivality of DPS in this game isn't really that low, especially when you consider a DPS almost never have to worry about conserving defensive CDs. Although ideally you want your DPS to all focus fire on the same target, having a DPS solo a strong works out just fine, and might even be the better way to do stuff if your tank/healer are relatively weak. Even relatively weak DPS can generally solo a dog, while there's no way a weak tank is going to tank 5 dogs at the same time.