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So I am just going to come out with it: healing these revamped flash points for level 55 is HORRIBLE. Why is it that Bioware thought that the best way to make level 55 FPs "challenging" was to give the healers an even more difficult time when they ALREADY had the hardest job in a group.

Before 55 lvl FPs, a well geared healer could help keep up an ok geared Tank. Now the tank has to be ridiculously almost over geared for the two to stand a chance. I am referring to the DOTs that need to be cleansed in fight like the first boss in Hammer Station, the last boss in Athiss and the last boss in Mandalorian Raiders.

I have been in far too many FPs where even healers in full 69's quit because of far too many wipes. I foresee a great deal of less people wanting to bear the burden of being blame for wipes (because they already were) and even less people will choose to be healers. This role is already by FAR the least played and less desirable role. It was ALREADY difficult to come across great healers let alone good ones.

Help me out guys, am I just having bad luck with the 55 FPs?
I play a healer and I am mostly in 69 gear. I rarely run into problems if the tank knows what he/she are doing. if they do not, I can still manage, but mandalorian raiders can be get really difficult if dps gets attacked by the hounds or turrets. Also its final boss is much harder than the other fps and its difficult for the tank to maintain threat on the turrets. Also, competent dps can help a lot (and these are rare).

The problem with the new PvE content is the damage became too spiky as result of lower armor, shield and absorption rating, so if the healer is not on the tank like white on rice you can wipe very easily, which creates a problem of healer pulling threat. Before I used to wait 5-7 secs to make sure that tank got agro, and start healing after he goes below 25%. Now, in some pulls, if I wait 3-4 secs and tank did not use any defensive cool downs, its a wipe.

Athis last boss is very easy. Just avoid the purple circles and the fire, which are easy to avoid, and I would argue that a healer in 56 gear can heal it.