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When I was leveling an Imp alt, I kept being que'd with a sorc who:

1) Que'd as healer but refused to heal. If someone asked for heals he did not answer. Thankfully my friend que'd with me, and she could field respec into heals.

2) Was clearly spec'd in DPS tree. Did not answer when someone told him not to que as healer if he wanted to DPS.

3) Ran ahead of tank and aggro'd multiple groups. Wouldn't even offheal himself and died a lot. LOL

It was both annoying and funny at the same time seeing this guy go kamikaze and die over and over. We kept forgetting to put him on ignore, so that's why we ran into him so many times.
If someone is qued in a role and do not perform it I kick them right away. You can't play a 55 FP without a tank and a healer.