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05.10.2013 , 01:46 PM | #121
I guess I'd be the weird person some folks met in Group Finder earlier this week. Let me explain...

I started playing when the game went free-to-play last year, and my first character was a Jedi Sage (force wizard!). Over the next few months I threw some bucks at the game here and there until I finally figured out I'd actually save some money by becoming a subscriber, so I did. Eventually I got my Sage to level 50 and beat the First Son. (Yay! Inspirational speech!)

What now? Guess it's time to get into some late-game flashpoints. So I queue up as a healer. I join up with a group for Battle of Ilum and we're off. About a third of the way through the flashpoint, one of the DPSs asks me 'what are you healing with?' I didn't think I was doing a bad job, though there were a few fights where it was hard keeping up with everything that was going on -- I figured that was just par for the course.

Turns out that the healing pattern I'd been using since level 12: Rejuvenate/Deliverance/Deliverance, was, in a word, sub-optimal.

"Try using Healing Trance after Rejuvenate, see if that helps," said the DPS. I did, and after the next fight, she commented, "That was much better, thanks."

Not only did I feel a lot smarter after that, but I got the urge to roll a new Sage, both so that I'd have someone to pass my inheritance gear on to, and so I could do lots more flashpoints armed with my new healing knowledge. Don't be afraid to offer to teach someone, even if they seem like they shouldn't still be a newbie!