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Jedi Covenant 2.0 DPS Competition

Saw this going on several other server forums and since our server forums are normally full of PvP topics I figured the PvE branch could use some entertainment as well; so I'm going to start the Jedi Covenant DPS Competition.


• Not going to make it complicated it's going to be the standard 300 seconds (5 minute) long parse using Torparse on the level 55 operations training dummy, ship or fleet doesn't matter I would recommend the ship version to avoid potential lag however.

• You can use self buffs and the 4 class buffs, no external help from guild mates (debuffs/inspiration) or the nightmare pilgrim buff.

• Any stim, adrenal, grenade you wish to use is fine.

• No pre-parse proc'ing of relics and no focus/rage stacking pre-parse.

• Only the end of the parse will be cropped, ramp up time will not be taken out from the beginning; and I will handle that part.

• This is all in good fun no elitism and everyone is welcome to participate.

Rankings will be done in a 1st 2nd 3rd format for each set of advanced class (Commando/Mercenary is in the same category for example). Not all specs are equal for each advanced class so when you link your torparse log make sure to make a copy of your spec , on Torhead for example, and include that in your post as well. If you wish you may also include a breakdown of your stats if you want to let others know your gear set up.

Format for posting:

Character Name <Guild Name>:
Character Class:
Character Spec:
Torparse Link:

Just copy and paste that and fill it in.

Sentinel and Marauder

1st Macedonicus <Ascension> Combat 3028.08dps

2nd Alor <Dead Rabbits> Combat 3018.59dps

3rd Asarieth <Holocron> Carnage 2964.52dps

Guardian and Juggernaut

1st Azrak <Transcéndent> Vengeance 2881.25dps

2nd Aikaterine <Legendary> Vigilance 2748.43dps

3rd Stellan <Legendary> Vigilance 2549.61dps

Sage and Sorcerer

1st Cruxie <Ascension> Balance 2820.58dps

2nd Swollbutter <Nemesis> Lightning 2772.11dps

3rd Eraoc <Dark Eclipse> Lightning 2767.55dps

Shadow and Assassin

1st Wild-berry <Republic Gentlemen> Balance 2721.79dps

2nd Mknightrider <Ascension> Infiltration 2637.35dps

3rd Anthrobeau <The Chosen Order> Infiltration 2357.66dps

Commando and Mercenary

1st Sylvand <Republic Gentlemen> Gunnery 3023.24dps

2nd Füsrodah <Republic Gentlemen> Gunnery 2824.8dps

3rd Hurrican'e <Republic Gentlemen> Gunnery 2719.74dps

Vanguard and Powertech

1st Forse (Dark Eclipse) Adv. Proto. 2577.43dps

2nd Galo <Transcéndent> Adv. Proto. 2535.71dps

3rd Ghoztt <Holocron> Pyrotech 2514.21dps

Gunslinger and Sniper

1st Fűsrodah <Republic Gentlemen> Sharpshooter 3035.31dps

2nd Bulmyni <The Covenant > Sharpshooter 3005.8dps

3rd Arturae <Transcéndent> Marksmanship 3004.04dps

Operative and Scoundrel

1st Hanstrattnuttz <The Covenant> Dirty Fighting 2844.79

2nd Ethniu <transcendent> Lethality 2787.99dps

3rd Raulos <Legendary> Dirty Fighting 2782.41dps



1st Darkstär <Torva Nex> Annihilation 2883.02dps

2nd Shadee <Republic Strikes Back> Watchman 2847.16dps

3rd Macedonicus <Ascension> Watchman 2813.34dps

Roll Spec

1st Fűsrodah <Republic Gentlemen> Saboteur 3212.26dps

2nd Bulmyni <The Covenant > Saboteur 3035.19dps


One last note:
If anyone is accused of cheating and sufficient evidence is provided they will be required to do a 2 minute long parse of only their basic attack to verify that the damage is legitimate and not buffed externally or the log will be taken down in shame.

Good luck and have fun.
Sylvand-(Mando)<RG> / Çommander(Merc) <COBRA>
Sylvane-(Sorcerer) <COBRA>
Xämot-(Jugg) <IBG>
Brohawk-(Sentinel)<RG> / Monkéy-(Marauder)<N2G>