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05.10.2013 , 12:15 PM | #119
I know this isn't a group finder problem, but it's the story of a guy that we ended up being stuck with.

My Imp guild used to be the alt guild of a large Republic guild on the Harbinger. Then we picked up a lot of Imperial players who were leaving another Imperial guild, so now my Imp guild just has a few of the original Republic alts and a lot of strong Imperial players.

One of our republic alts recently got to level 51 as a sniper. Most of us are clearing S&V HM; we picked up the republic alt for EV HM to see how he plays. The whole run, we were noticing that we aren't clearing bosses as quickly as we should, despite most of us being way overgeared and overlevelled.

We see cunning Hazmat earpieces and boots drop, and we notice the Sniper greeds them. I also win the cunning ear with a greed roll. We inspect his gear; he has two str/surge/def implants and an aim/defense/acc ear. I tell him "Hey <name>, want this earpiece? It looks like an upgrade for you."

And he responds "No thanks, the one I'm wearing has more endurance."


We just move on and get to the Infernal Council. He picks up his guy right away, but he's the last one to finish, by a long shot. We all gather to watch him and notice that he's not got any procs or buffs from spec at all; he's just firing plain Snipes and Ambushes with 2.5 second casts. He managed to get to level 51 without knowing that it's possible to spec your skill tree.

We could talk to him and try to help him fix his playstyle, but I think the consensus is that no amount of help will ever make him a viable DPS in S&V HM or any top content.