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Also, this information is somewhat relevant to healers. You can round your surge rating to the nearest surge value in the table (0...720) and look up what the maximum crit rating is for any attack. Each attack may have a different maximizing crit, but the general idea is that since you will have significantly more surge as a healer, you will want slightly more crit than a DPS would. At 720 surge and +30% surge from spec, somewhere around 104 crit tended to be better.

Oh, and one more thing. Using incendiary round's 622 + 2.44*Tech bonus damage, I simulated the results of changing all augments from mainstat (+32 mainstat, +20 end) to power (+32 power, +20 end). This dropped my mainstat from 2656.2 to 2145.48, and increased my power from 1239 to 1687. I was specced for +9% aim. As a result, moving from mainstat augs to power augs
  • with mainstat augs, crit bonus was 0.0725 and maximized expected damage was 4952.01
  • with power augs, crit bonus was 0.06099 and maximized expected damage was 4911.24

Note that incendiary round has a high c value (2.44) and +30% surge, which means that it benefits relatively more than other attacks from both increases in crit (mainstat augs) and power (power augs).

Then I simulated the results of this work without the +30% surge and without +9% mainstat from spec.
  • with mainstat augs, mainstat crit bonus was 0.06998. Maximized expected damage was 4553.99; notably it now was maximized by having 100% acc and 0 crit/full power
  • after migrating to power augs, mainstat crit bonus was 0.0587. Maximized expected damage was 4540.96, again maximized at 100% acc and 0 crit/full power
So even with a 1.05 modifier on mainstat instead of 1.14 and 0% surge, and on an attack with a high c which rewards bonus damage increases heavily, mainstat augs got better damage returns.

Based on these results, I'd make the generalizations that
  • I can't think of a reason to use power augs. Mainstat looks slightly better due to its increase in crit rate, even if you don't have +6%/+9% mainstat or +30% surge.
  • If you are one of the rare classes that gets +0% surge on all its basic attacks (I can't think of any), you might be better off with 0 crit. If you spec for +surge on any of your attacks, you probably want closer to 52 points in crit. not 0 crit.