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so my guardian in pretty much fully optimized (imho) arkanian is at 33k HP stimmed although to be fair i still use the 66 enhancements due to their increased defensive stats. Switching those enhancements (i don't want to loose defensive stats to gain end /cry) around would get me another 1.7k HP. So call it 35K on the outside. my defensive stats are 1069 defense 745 shield and 460 absorb. I also use a defense proc relic (yay guardians).

all this to basically say that i really don't see a guardian at over 40k knowing what he's doing

Also to the poster above, how do you get to 53% damage reduction... In combat i get to 50% pretty much exactly. Are you giving up your set bonus? are you in full UW?
I have my set bonus, both 2 and 4 piece, and im almost completely in 72 mods/enhancements/armoring (read UnderWorld) i have the arkanian shield proc relic and the arkanian defense proc relic, when those are proccing, im at 52.4 ish% damage reduction. so, for about hafl of every minute im at that damage reduction, and the rest, im just under 51%. (these numbers are not exact, because they work of percent chance of the relic proccing.) I am not hard to heal, i use my cds, in fact, our other tank seems to take a bit more damage than i do.

Also, the sorc healer in our raid has just over 33k hp, and so do both our sniper dps, just to put into perspective