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As I said in another thread here, I totally understand the point of building for HP if you don't have reliable healers and have a good justification for why you don't have them, but put into a situation where you do have them, the shortcomings of prioritizing HP over mitigation very quickly become apparent.
In my pugging experience, even when you're dealing with the potential for bad healers, you don't want to overvalue Endurance to the extent that commendation gear ends up forcing you to do. The best way to deal with pug healers is to use and abuse CDs with abandon, especially as a Shadow: mitigate the big hits *before* your healer is forced to bring you back up. At most, you would want ~2k more hp than I would normally recommend for the given FP: just enough to provide a few seconds of cushion time for bad healers to react to big hits with their big heals but enough mitigation that their heals are still effective.
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