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This bug is making HMs painful to queue for. As a DPS, I generally find myself waiting 20-30 mins for the queue. That's fine for me. The problem is that I find myself getting into Cademimu most if not all of these times. I'm then faced with a choice...

a) To go through the FP and hope that either the bug doesn't strike or my group is capable of dealing with it (Which hasn't been the case for two days running now).

b) To drop from the group and wait another 20-30 mins for a new group, hoping that it isn't Cademimu again.

For the past few weeks I've gone with option a) but I'm slowly getting more and more tempted to go for option b). It's a nice mechanic and, if it can be got to work properly, I'd like it. Unfortunately, if the bug can't be fixed quickly/easily and the workaround only works some of the time, I'd say that we're better off just not having the mechanic at all.

A possible suggestion for if this is going to take as long as it seems to be to fix is to allow people to still get the group finder daily reward of 10 elite commendations if they uncheck Cademimu on the group finder, since at the moment people are being expected to go through a (potentially unbeatable) FP for their daily and some of us don't have time to constantly try again. An alternative might be to count the FP as complete (for both the daily and weekly) after the conversation just before the boss, with the boss being an 'optional' part of the FP until the bug is fixed.

As a note, I'm not saying that it's impossible. I've done it as both a DPS and a healer a few times but recently (and I'm not saying that it might not be down to the group) it's been getting me more and more often.

Edit: Wow, that's a big wall of text. TLDR: This is getting rather fustrating now and we need either a fix soon (not in a few weeks time) or a better 'workaround'.
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