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I was running a pug Ops last night and the other randoms I was with thought that the other tank they grabbed, who had 8k more hp than me, was better geared based purely upon his hp. Of course, they completely missed the fact that my DR was 1.5% higher, Defense chance was 3% higher, Shield chance was 5% higher, and Absorb was 5% higher.
Similar anecdote. I ran a HM TFB last night (well, part of one anyway, people got all cranky and tired and wanted to sleep. Suckers.) with a PUG Assassin tank with about 41k HP stimmed.

I run about 33.5k HP stimmed with current gear (mainly due to the fact that my raid group has been short members and hasn't really pounded out a ton of 2.0 content yet, so mostly 30B mods from FPs/comms and a mix of 28 GSI-found Immunity and 30 HM FP enhancements).

Said tank was also significantly overshooting on Defense (even moreso than myself) and very low on Shield/Absorb.

In his defense, his guild has about 4 members and he usually PUGs everything, so he intentionally sets up with a massive buffer to help accommodate bad PUG healers.

My raid group doesn't have bag PUG healers.

Both healers were less than thrilled at how much more damage the HP-built tank took in comparison to myself, and how much more attention he required to avoid dropping like a sack of beans in spite of his massive HP buffer.

As I said in another thread here, I totally understand the point of building for HP if you don't have reliable healers and have a good justification for why you don't have them, but put into a situation where you do have them, the shortcomings of prioritizing HP over mitigation very quickly become apparent.
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