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i have cleared and killed all of the 55 hms without any exploits or shenanigans to remove/not engage certain boss mechanics. but a few of my guildies like to use a few here and there not really knowing it is a exploit.

personally i really dont let it bother me as i know i can bet the instances without them. but part of me thinks you should know how to beat these encounters before you use such. at least for your first time through them you should.

perhaps this mindset would be different if i only ran pugs, had to spend lots on repair bills and get frustrated on unneeded wipes.
I have to agree with you on the "Do it right at least one time" mentality. Another part of me doesn't like abusing boss mechanics that are clearly borderline exploits because eventually these will get fixed and then people will complain about an encounter being "too hard" or something.

I think this is also why Lost Island (pre 2.0) was so difficult for people to complete. There were no mechanics people could cheese. They had to learn the mechanics, learn the fights, and execute them correctly.
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