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Phillipp, you are confusing the hell out of me.

First, apparently something without Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland counts as "most of Europe" to you. After all, you just excluded about 130M of the EU's 500M citizens.
And I'm pretty sure in terms of SWTOR subscribers, the relative number is even larger.

And second - we have this thing called Common Market here - so a good sold in one EU country is legally able to be purchased from and delivered to every place in the EU. And many of these states even have a common currency, which - as problematic as it is in other contexts - is supposed to facilitate exact this kind of common market issue you are facing. To but it bluntly, we, the Europeans, go to great lengths so that vendors like you don't have to organize supply to every single country.

So, can you please explain why you feel able to supply my French and Dutch friends - and even those island fiends across the channel who dastardly cling to such non-metric units like Pounds :-) - but not my German or Polish buddies?

You know, the distance between Frankfurt and Paris is actually smaller than that between Sacramento and Los Angeles. Same goes, for instance for Vienna (Austria, supplied) and Prague (Czech Republic, blocked).
shouldn't that be 130 M out of 850 M