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I personally just can't get behind the proc damage relics (CN and their ilk). I know on parser they average out to better DPS but honestly given our relatively low hits per GCD (remember mercs get all those off hand hits to get an extra proc) and the fact that a minimal DPS increase over the whole fight is much less important than a large DPS improvement for 30 seconds when you need it (thinking of every soft enrage phase in the game), I'd much rather use a clicky power relic over a CN any day.
While I'm sure it's not going to make a huge difference either way. I plan on keeping the damage proc as the constant and swapping the power proc with the power click on fights where there is a burn phase.

I need to do some more testing on it but I have seen a bit of evidence to show that the damage proc is helping to proc the power relic as well making them synergize a bit.