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Did Cademimu the other day... shackles are STILL bugged.

Running into someone with shackles doesn't break them, so that person has to use their CC breaker to get out. Which only really works once, MAYBE twice in the fight. (As a Sage I can break them 2x if I use my Force Barrier also)...

Had a situation where all of us through the course of the fight had to blow our stun breakers to get out because no one could break the shackles as the mechanics intend... and then we were all 4 shackled at once, which makes the encounter unwinnable.

I actually think the mechanic is cool, and adds an extra element to the fight. But if it's not going to work as intended, all it does is turn the encounter into a wipefest that is really hard on the wallet.

Cademimu: During Hard Mode, players may be unable to free group members from General Ortol's Magnetic Shackles.
Workaround: Players who are sufficiently spread apart will not experience this issue. Abilities that break the effects of Crowd Control will release players from the Magnetic Shackles.
The workaround is all fine and dandy........ try doing it with 2 melee dps.
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