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Or they will queue as Healer...
I have actually seen the opposite -- a healer (Commando) queued as DPS, who kept healing even when the whole group was within 5% of full health and in no danger whatsoever. I've also seen this where a person was apparently trying to dual-box (they didn't admit to it, but it seemed like it) as a tank and healer combo... needless to say it was pretty awful; after several wipes we finally made it to the end and the tank repeatedly ended up facing away from the boss while the "DPS" kept "accidentally" healing.

Lately though I have to say I'd prefer something like this over the impatient attitude I keep encountering in GF. I actually had a level 55 tank wipe the group in Kaon for no reason because of his impatience. Then he cussed about it and barked at people to hurry up when they were trapped in combat due to his boneheaded decisions. I totally understand the desire to push through stuff but sometimes people are idiots about it.