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Adwynyth, Watcher Two does say that Imperial Intelligence does encourage bonding. Love that you worked in her name. Love that the four of them can enjoy some down time between crises.
Thankee! Those ladies work hard...they have to play hard sometimes, too. Nyr had a hell of a time getting away from the men (and homicidal AIs) long enough for a "girls' night out".

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@ Adwynyth: "Eyeribbon" I love the name. It sounds so much prettier than "mask" or "band'. I know it was a minor detail in the story, but I thought it was a clever invention. I have to agree with Watcher Two/Keeper--it's weird enough for a blind person to be applying eyeshadow to eyes that aren't there, even weirder to be doing it "looking" at a wall.
Well, instead of an elaborate thing or a pair of faux-sunglasses, I envisioned just a shimmery piece of fabric, just wide enough and opaque enough to do the job, but dainty enough to look entirely feminine, especially when tied around the back of the head with a bow.

And her reasons for wearing makeup are entirely valid to her, and the style works too. After all, with her usual mask, she does look like she's wearing stylishly brief sunglasses.

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Adwynyth, Eeee! Girl time with the agent crew <3 And you captured their personalities so well.
Thankee! That's what I aim for, first and foremost: am I capturing the character? Good to know they're at least recognizable.
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