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You really put people on ignore for that? That's a bit crazy since you don't know why that person didn't respond. And it's hardly wasting your time since you can do basically everything you did before the window poped up during those 2 minutes.
Yes. I do seriously put people on ignore if they're THAT ONE GUY who won't accept the queue. Perks of being a tank, no matter how many people I ignore, I shall get an instant queue, unless I ignore 99% of the server. Being bitter about queue acceptance comes from WoW, where I'd get to wait through 5-10 queue pops before we get 3 dps who aren't kicking the cat or whatever.

And it's ALWAYS a dps.

If I'm on a dps toon, I'll also occasionally get a tank who's doing what I call "fishing". He'll queue, and then check who's in the pop, and if he doesn't like the potential group, he'll unqueue and immediately requeue 10 times in a row till he gets what he wants. I ignore for that too.
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