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12.21.2011 , 02:15 PM | #59
We follow the same sort of plan I used in EQ2.

Main assist

Tank is there to get initial aggro and work on keeping the big guy(s) focused on him. Healer has 1st priority on keeping the tank up, with group healing when possible after that. Main assist and DPS work together - with main assist actually being the one that will select which target will be the next to be killed.

We used that as the tank usually had his hands full switching targets and keeping aggro, so having a DPSer (who was usually ranged and could see more of the battle) study the situation and see what was causing the most problems or what would drop quickly was useful.

Main assist and DPS also use whatever CC they have if necessary.

If the healer could also spare time/resource for DPS he would follow main assists target.

Works for us.