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05.09.2013 , 03:05 PM | #324
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Corrections did not mean butchering the current set.

Quoteing them, They are inclined for players who are already attached to the set, and a lot of us are. Adding a cape disrupts that. which is why the Phantom and Spymaster flame thread was born. You're asking for that to reignite. You want a suggestion. Go to the proper section of the forums and ask for a second one to be put in somewhere else. WITHOUT DEFILING the current version from the game.
The current version is already defiled. It's an insult to those of us who played the original KotOR games. They've said they want to make it look more like it's supposed to, that would include a cape, they are watching this thread, thus this is the best place to post, so I'm not going anywhere.