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Thought I'd share mine.

I was tanking on a guardian with two guildies (gunslinger dps and scoundrel healer) on a lvl 55 HM FP. We got paired with a sentinel dps. Started the first couple of pulls, noticed he wasn't attacking things I was tanking (cc'd or mez'd), though typically not a big deal. We were all kind of confused because he was just getting crushed. We wrote it off as our healer just wasn't paying attention due to him being on a phone call. A little latter, he pulls aggro on a weak mob which I missed on my aoe taunt, and he gets trashed. Now I'm concerned, because our healer is no longer on the phone.

So I look at his hp; he has a little less than 14k hp. I'm like "oh, he's wearing aweful gear". So I take a quick peak and see he's wearing mostly greens and only one relic (a lvl 19 one). "Meh, I've seen worse" I think. We get to the to the wookie boss (Cadimemu) and I notice he doesn't have any buffs on. He hadn't died at that point, he came close a few times when he was picking up the trash I didn't have aggro on, but hadn't died yet.

So we buff him and go onto the wookie boss. We some how manage to kill the boss (I died once and the sent died once) even though there were 7 or 8 groups of adds. We res him and then over voice I hear my healer say "haha, good thing you haven't looked at this guys gear yet Xiij" (in my guild I've got a reputation of being a 'gear nazi'). So I say, "What do you mean? I looked at it, he's wearing 55 greens, not the worst gear I've seen".

I was wrong, waaay wrong. After my healer tells me to take another look, I notice that despite the items are in fact 55 greens, they were not strength items. He had a large quantity of cunning and willpower items... This made me laugh because he had asked for the cunning drop the wookie dropped, we all assumed it was for Doc, probably not though.
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