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The more DR you get, the more valuable linear increases in the value are. As such, 2% DR is going to contribute substantially more for a Guardian or VG (managing ~50% DR) than it will for a Shadow (managing roughly 35% DR). Moreso, flat DR increases are definitely worth more than the 2% Defense chance that VG/PTs get (both because it's a static amount so it's not as spiky *and* for the same reason that straight DR is more valuable for Guard/VGs as it is to Shadows) and probably just as much if not more than the 20% increase to Blade Storm Guardians get.

The only reason it might possibly be worse is that said Guard/PTs are losing the increase CD durations from their 2 piece bonuses. It might not seem like much, but it can have a pretty big effect.

Considering it's possible to taunt spam and never hav to worry about threat and that Guardian's get pretty much all of the same benefits for Blade Barrier from Willpower as Shield (slightly less thanks to the 6% additional Str talent, but that's not going to amount to much), they're not even losing all that much.
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