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I am talking mostly about Cademimu and Mando Raiders here, as they have bosses that can be easily abused.

I Cademimu both the Wookie and the bonus boss can be outmaneuvered and if you position yourself correctly their main mechanics (adds and aoe pull) will be neglected. In Mando Raiders the bonus boss can be made completely helpless by correct positioning.

I do really feel that this is exploiting the game mechanics and I don't like it. Although I do know what could be done to make these fights a cheesy cakewalk, I will not tell the group, but most of the people know anyway at this point and will insist to abuse/exploit.

What's your stance to it? Will you propose these exploits yourself to make the run go quicker? Will you just follow the group? Or will you insist to do the fights the "right" way?
As I'll mention below (in response to other replies), I don't think this would be considered abusing boss mechanics, nor should it be prevented. I also feel as though the dev's also feel this way about some of these items as they have not been fixed. Something that would be an abuse (which has been fixed) was the sarlacc pit in SV to kill thresher.

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The "abuse" mechanic on the Wookiee is standing pulling him out from under the ship (generally by hiding either the cargo boxes or the elevator to LoS pull him). The adds won't follow him if you get him far enough away from the ship, so you don't have to deal with the soft enrage derived from having a bazillion remarkably durable ugnaughts beating down upon you. You still have to kill said adds to get out of combat, but it makes the fight easier if you don't have enough DPS to kill him before the third or fourth set of adds spawn. It takes longer though because, after beating him down, you have to go and kill the mass of super durable adds manually instead of just having them die from the boss's death throes.
This isn't the worst one, there is a place you can stand (if you have ranged dps) where the boss just stands there. The ugnaughts gather around him and die when he explodes.

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Clever use of your surroundings and the weaknesses of your adversary(s) have been staples of RPGs since the genre came into being. One of the most engaging and fun aspects of tabletop RPGs is for players to come up with solutions to encounters that the Game Master (GM) did not anticipate. And a good GM rewards the players for their cleverness, but also learns from the experience.

These so called "abuses" of boss mechanics in MMOs are no different. The developers are the GMs - they have created an encounter that the players need to overcome. Somewhere along the line a group of players, whether by accident or on purpose, use their surroundings or "exploit" a weakness making the encounter easier than the developers intended. And then that "strategy" is propagated to all who play the game. The "reward" is that those who use it save time.
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it's not an exploit, it's using the environment to your advantage.
no different than taking cover behind something if you are getting shot at.
As both of these people point out, these are just clever uses of environment, not an exploit or abuse.

All said and done, dev's may go back and change the ability to do these things in the future. However, supplemental discipline would not be warranted due to the fact that players are not breaking the game (hacking) to make these fights easier. Trivializing a fight using your environment is just smart playing.
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