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The "abuse" mechanic on the Wookiee is standing pulling him out from under the ship (generally by hiding either the cargo boxes or the elevator to LoS pull him). The adds won't follow him if you get him far enough away from the ship, so you don't have to deal with the soft enrage derived from having a bazillion remarkably durable ugnaughts beating down upon you. You still have to kill said adds to get out of combat, but it makes the fight easier if you don't have enough DPS to kill him before the third or fourth set of adds spawn. It takes longer though because, after beating him down, you have to go and kill the mass of super durable adds manually instead of just having them die from the boss's death throes.
lol, didn't know that.

but that's a really fun, fast fight that can go wrong in seconds or go smoothly to the point of saying "was that a joke ?"
it's rather hilarious and tragic sight seing a dps or healer being chased down by a dozen of little s****** to finally zerg them down in 2 seconds