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So you're that guy who queued wrong, do you switch specs and try to fill the role you mistakenly queued for or do you leave the group hanging because it's not the role you want to play? Not the role you can play?

Or maybe you're in a guild run, and one of your guild mates queues wrong and you end up needing a role filled that nobody can fill. Does one of your guild members leave? or do you remove the one unknown from the group? Do you offer the unlucky pug anything for their trouble? or just the false sorry, and perhaps false hope that you'll offer to run something with them once your run is finished?

You're the unlucky pug who's been in DPS queue for a seemingly ungodly amount of time. You get into a group, maybe it's in progress, maybe not, and the group has someone queued wrong. You're the one kicked of course, so how do you react? should you just accept it? complain about it? Ignore list the players, and possibly the entirety of a guild over the matter? Bad mouth the players in General Chat?

When it's me it's not normally a problem. I usually keep two sets of gear on all my characters, given the RNG it's not uncommon for my offspec gear to be better then my main, so with that and field respec and just play the role I land in to the best of my ability, giving the group fair warning. When I'm on a pure DPS character my options of role are limited obviously, but the chance the misqueue is my fault is just as limited.

When I'm a DPS who gets kicked from the group I try to take it, but some days, when queue time seems to take an hour, or more, and I'm pressed for time, or knowing that it will be several hours at least before my turn comes again I complain about it to the group, say how long I've been in queue, and such. Maybe the group offers false hope, maybe they don't, either way it ends with me being kicked out to wait in queue again. A few times it happened twice in one night.