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For Cademimu, it's actually easier, in my experience, to just straight up tank the boss in the middle where the adds spawn. When the boss dies, he explodes, killing any nearby adds. If the adds aren't near him, they have to be killed manually, and they have *way* too much hp to make that an efficient prospect. The only reason you might not want to just do it "normally" is if your DPS is utterly terrible and you think you'll get more than 2-3 add packs.

Concerning the bonus bosses, for Cademimu, mechanics like that have been "gamed" by interposing a barrier between yourself and the boss pretty regularly. The boss that the Separatist was based off of (pretty obviously I might add) was the bonus boss of Taral V and most ranged DPS would do the exact same thing for his pull. It's just like tanks and DPS who game KB effects by putting their backs to a wall or standing just outside of range of immobile enemies. For Mando Raider, on the other hand, it skirts the realm of "broken". DPS will still take damage from his special attack, but the boss is simply incapable of attacking the tank. Of course, the bonus bosses are pretty much free loot. They're largely tank and spank with a single mechanic to minutely tweak the fight (Cad bonus has the pull; Mando has the threat drop + AoE, Athiss has the cast that can be interrupted, and Hammer Station has the stun). None of them are particularly difficult so abusing them doesn't really mean much in the long run.
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