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Does anyone have any idea of why this would be happening?

19:19:43.736 Tam activates Resilience.
19:19:43.736 Tam gains Resilience.

19:19:46.368 Tam loses Resilience.

19:19:46.380 Titan 6's Huge Grenade hits Tam for 29789 energy damage, causing 29789 threat.
19:19:46.380 Titan 6 kills Tam.
I'm in tank spec, so I have a 5 second Resilience. I activated it at 19:43.736, and it apparently fell off at 19:46.368 (2.6 seconds later), coincidentally just PRIOR to the attack roll from Huge Grenade. And before you ask, it's easy enough to confirm that Huge Grenade is in fact a tech attack:

I saw something similar a little later in the same HM S&V run:

19:53:55.796 Tam activates Resilience.
19:53:55.796 Tam gains Resilience.
19:53:58.074 Tam loses Resilience.
19:53:58.086 Operations Chief's Terminate hits Tam for 32360 energy damage, causing 32360 threat.
19:53:58.086 Operations Chief kills Tam.
Activated at 53:55.796, lost at 53:58.074 (2.3 seconds later), an instant prior to the attack roll which killed me.

My best theory at this point is that this is a rather odd consequence of the well-documented race condition in the engine's event handling. The more widely observed consequence of this race condition is the out-of-order logging that plagues combat logs everywhere.

Regardless of the source of this bug, it's annoying and really needs to be fixed. It's *literally* killing people, and if we had needed to burn a battle rez at some earlier point in the fight, it would have resulted in a wipe. I've anecdotally seen similar things with other cooldowns (Battle Readiness in particular), but I can't give evidence which is as definitive.

Incidentally, the full combat log for the above can be found here:
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