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The E3 trailer is irrevelent, it was a while ago. Things changes between stuff shown in gameplay trailers and the actual game. As a game tester, I can assure you of that, I've seen it happen to nearly all games.

I personally haven't seen Satele Shan in game yet, but it's normal that she would appear older.

As for the hologram thing, it could be a mistake from the dev, I'd say report it, the game is not fully stable yet, I've seen many bugs in cutscenes, like cloth and hair color being wrong, eyes disapearing and such.
Or it's intentional, to decieve you into believing your character is talking to a young person, in case you're a sith spy.
Oh no doubt. I've been in LoTRO, STO, WAR, D3, SWTOR (dur), Global Agenda, Genesis A.D. betas. So I'm aware stuff gets scraped; usually to be brought back in an expansion as "new" (/clevergirl). The reason I go back to the E3 Trailer is because it actually featured in game footage; specifically the quest where the Jedi Knights first go to the Temple and get a holo-communique from Satele to come speak with her before going before the rest of the council. So, this wasn't some "would this be cool; ya lets make some footage of it" it was actually in the beta, and is in the release.

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If no one has figured it out by now, the trailers go in reverse order from their release. Chronologically, Return is first, then Hope, then Deceived. This was stated by the developers this summer.

So it's entirely possible that the design team was using a model intended for Satele in Return for in-game footage until the aged model was created. Stuff like this happens when games are under development.

I wouldn't worry too much about how she looked in trailers of game footage versus now. Game footage trailers have to be taken with a grain of salt, not everything they portray comes true, some things are tossed in beta for being too buggy or over/under powered. Similarly, designs can change based on player and reviewer feedback, as well as internal feedback from the producers and Lucasarts.

tl;dr: Chill, folks, stuff can change from beta. It's not the end of the world.
Yep, that's how I figured the trailers went. Think I stated it in that order in one of my posts.

Ya, I know it's not the end of the world, but...c'moooon; she was fine (literally and in attractiveness slang).

I actually made this face when I saw the "revised" Satele: ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Also, BW, if you look at this; use F7 (nod to MS Word) next time. Model-mishaps aren't the only thing plaguing this game.

In short, I guess I wished for SWTOR to be closer to The War than it actually is. Would have made for a much more...dramatic and dark game; post-War Coru..mmmm

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