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Elite mobs don't necessarily even do more damge than a Strong. Strong mobs are nearly 100% DPS all the time. The most representative example would be the dogs in Mandolorian Raiders. If you ever aggro one of those and you're not the tank you know even one of those can chew you up before you realize what's going on. There's no damage prevention short of hard stuns or killing them. All they do is attack and attack some more.

Take the same instance and you get the Elite droids. They will open the fight spending 1.0s casting Concussion Pulse, a KB that is unlikely to have any impact on your survivality (unless your healer is for some reason in melee range). They'll then spend 3.0s casting Cannon Storm, which may or may not do a lot of damage but should be interrupted 100% of the time. And only then they'll go back to actually attacking someone, and if you're on top of your interrupting game they'll quickly try to recast Cannon Storm and Concussion Pulse once the lockout on ability is over, which should do no damage to you if your guys are good at interrupting. If you want to be clever you can even say use Force Charge to interrupt the first Cannon Storm, which has no lockout period so it will immediately try to cast Cannon Storm again and waste even more time doing no DPS.

Now of course most groups you get are the "Wat interrupt?" type and if the Elite does finish casting Cannon Storm he'll probably beat the DPS of a single dog, but he won't even beat two dogs and having a succesful Cannon Storm ought to be a relatively rare event. There's also the overriding factor of Strongs having about 40% the HP of an Elite.