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EDIT: Oh how things can change in a day. In just a short day, we managed to piece together how to do this achievement from various sources as well as plenty of quest combinations. I will update this for your enjoyment.
You can use the steps below to do this achievement.

NOTE: When I'm listing quests in capital letters, always assume that I've done every bonus mission that is part of it. For some steps, doing the bonus missions is requisite.

◾0/1 Diverted Turret Placement from Stronghold One

To do this quest, you need to be able to get into Stronghold One, which means unlocking the quest INTO THE FIRE. You can do that by doing the quest TOO CLOSE TO HOME first. Then you need to hit the Abandoned Mining Mesa to cause chaos there and give the Regulators a reason to divert their troops. To do that, you need to do the quest REVERSE ENGINEERING. After that, take INTO THE FIRE and when you enter the instance, Jace will send you a message about how your work just got easier.

◾0/1 Gathered Information from Stronghold One on the Position of Pollus Avesta

You need to get into Stronghold One using the abovementioned route. Take TOO CLOSE TO HOME to unlock INTO THE FIRE. Then complete INTO THE FIRE to gain access to the Regulator's database. Then finish HOSTAGE RESCUE to rescue Pollus Avesta.

◾0/1 Regulators Diverted Troops from Gravity Hook Four Docking Ring to the Cartel Mining Mesa

Wreak havoc on the Cartel Mining Mesa by completing OPERATION: OVERWATCH. Then finish [HEROIC 4]: THE VIPER'S NEST to learn about the hostages the Regulators have taken. Then complete [HEROIC 2+]: COUNTERSTRIKE, whose bonus leads up to the Gravity Hook Four docking ring, where the Regulators have taken some more hostages. Upon entering the phase, you'll get a call from Jace that the mercs are chasing their own tails on the Cartel Mining Mesa.

EDIT: It would appear that this step is bugged atm and cannot be obtained. You get the message from Jace, you have to kill fewer enemies on the docking ring (they appear to have been diverted alright) but the step does not update :-(

◾0/1 Determined that the Perekta Mesa is Seismically Stable

The quest that leads to Perekta Mesa is AMONG THE RUBBLE. In that quest, you'll have to set up seismic scanners to determine the mesa's stability. You'll have to come back later and do the quest STONE AND STEEL and evacuate the trapped people to finish the questline on Perekta and get the achievement.

◾0/1 Learned About the Hostages on the Gravity Hook Four Docking Ring

Complete [HEROIC 4]: THE VIPER'S NEST and Jace will notify you of some hostages the Regulators took on Telemur Mesa. Complete [HEROIC 2+]: COUNTERSTRIKE and Jace will notify you of more hostages on the Gravity Hook Four docking ring. You'll get a bonus to rescue the people there.

◾0/1 Diverted Speeders from Regulators on Frinn Mesa to Westwater

You need to steal speeders from various Regulator camps on Frinn Mesa during the quest DOOR TO DOOR. Then you need to repair the speeders in the Westwater Settlement in the quest HOSTAGE RESCUE to get this achievement.

◾0/1 Unlocked the mission “Into the Fire”

This mission takes you into Stronghold One. To unlock it, you must complete TOO CLOSE TO HOME first.

◾0/1 Unlocked the mission “Signal Intelligence”

This mission takes you to Solida Hesk's estate. To unlock it, you must complete REVERSE ENGINEERING first.

◾0/1 Unlocked bonus objective “Securing the City”

To get this step, you must acquire the Flare Gun from the quest SIGNAL INTELLIGENCE. That, of course, requires doing REVERSE ENGINEERING as a prerequisite. When you've done SIGNAL INTELLIGENCE, take TAKING BACK TALAOS and you'll receive the bonus quest Securing the City upon picking up the Airstrike Targeting Equipment. For this bonus, you have to fire the flare gun in 4 different locations in the city to call in reinforcements.

◾0/1 Unlocked bonus objective “Reallocation”

This is the bonus objective to the final stage of STAGE 1, which takes place on Gravity Hook Seven and requires you to collect medical supplies from various crates scattered around the area. You can unlock this quest by accessing the Regulator database on Aboro Mesa, which is part of the quest TOO CLOSE TO HOME.

Well it would appear that this achievement has one bug that prevents us from obtaining it at this point. Hopefully, it will be fixed in an upcoming patch. But this only proves that their testers never attempted to complete this achievement.