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I agree entirely with your last two bullets. What exactly is a damage prevention model though? Do strongs actually hit harder than elites? I get the feeling that during soloing they don't, but obviously that isn't what we are talking about here. I know a lot of elites have cast time or channeled abilities that can be interrupted, is this what would reduce their damage below the strongs?

Sorry if any of my questions are dumb, just trying to get a better grasp on what is doing the most damage, and what this model is you speak of.
Yes, in general elites hit harder after factoring their special moves, but special moves can be interrupted. On the other hand most Strong mobs simply hit that hard the whole time. So in a pure DPS concern, you can often negate a significant portion of an Elite mob's DPS by interrupting its moves, but you rarely have this option against Strongs who simply hit that hard the whole time. Of course, a Strong mob only has about 40% the HP of an Elite, so generally it's better to burn down the Strong first anyway. Of course there are always exceptions. For example any dual wielding Jedi/Sith Elite type are pretty much 100% DPS all the time and have no moves to interrupt. Burning down Strong mobs work about 99% of the time, but you need to remember the true damage dealers are usually the Strongs, not the Elites.