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Thay have a system from when they opened the apac servers the apac players were allowed to xfer here from US servers and it ran smoothly
That was a manual system that took a staggered over short time implimentation and still had issues and complaints requiring manual fixes. Since then we have expanded legacy, reputation, and achievements as well as all the character changes going F2P, CCs and the CM, and 2.0 brought us. With all the cut backs on personel they obviously not want to waste man hours on closing us down.

As Eric has stated in his last post, we will get our choice of destination transfer before the APAC servers are closed, we can only assume he means for us to be using the automated transfer system they have been talking of since release and never made working yet. A system they have said nothing since I think SotG2 which was that it will be coming this year.
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