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Also they won't heal if you mez a target middle of combat, sometimes after when you wake them up, they won't resume healing...

Also, and this is just a pet peeve, the healer companion tries to mez immune to cc mobs... What's that all about? I hate having to shut it off all the time when I fight a cc immune boss because he/she refuses to heal and instead continues to try and cc the target.... Can't you add a "if target is cc immune, don't use x skill" type code to them?
I haven't checked this in a while, but I know that if I CC a target and kill everything else, the healer won't heal me until I break the CC. I have to manually activate their heals to top me off before killing the last mob. This is especially annoying when you're trying to solo groups with golds. I've noticed though that if I engage combat first and then CC then I don't have the problem. I haven't tested if I just need to get in combat first or if I actually have to damage them to work around the issue.