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I don't get it. A game that has been in developement for several years and cost allegedly over 100 million dollars and I can't expect it to have end-game dungeons? ARE YOU SERIOUS? I buy a Ferrari and I shouldn't whine if there's rust and it lacks an engine? It's not like we cleared all the dungeons a week after release and now have nothing to do. We were able to do 1 dungeon.
They have 1 end-game dungeon at release! MMO's with 1/100 of the developement budget had more at release. Taral V is obviously broken as well unless you wanna claim that it's normal to get DC'd after you respawn.

This is why I'm calling you out as a fanboy: For defending Bioware for delivering massively broken content(getting DC'd and thus forced to wait 3 hours in queue is prety major IMO) and for claiming that it's perfectly fine and normal to lack one of the most integral part of MMO end-game content in a AAA MMO post WoW.

This is what most people will do once they reach 50, which will be happening to a lot of folks over the next few days. Especially the people that don't enjoy PvP will find that they have nothing to do but re-roll. I think this is a major issue, large enough to not only make a bugreport about but also write a post on the forums.
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