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Generally speaking the strong mobs are responsible for the most significant amount of damage so in a pure damage prevention model you might want to mez the strong first.

In light of the fact the strong mobs have signficantly less HP than an elite, it usually makes more sense to mez the elite first and burn down the strong instead.

Weak and standards are pretty much non factors because the tank can keep them stunned for a very long time with any attack that stuns weak/normal mobs and there's a lot of them.
I agree entirely with your last two bullets. What exactly is a damage prevention model though? Do strongs actually hit harder than elites? I get the feeling that during soloing they don't, but obviously that isn't what we are talking about here. I know a lot of elites have cast time or channeled abilities that can be interrupted, is this what would reduce their damage below the strongs?

Sorry if any of my questions are dumb, just trying to get a better grasp on what is doing the most damage, and what this model is you speak of.
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