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05.08.2013 , 05:54 AM | #20
I've had the range issues with Quinn, Mako, Dorne, and Doc. They all seem to stop healing me, or even a groupmate if we get too far away from them. Used to they'd come forward in the fight as we did but now the only time I see them walking forward is when I'm not in a fight. Also, don't start a fight and happen to turn a corner while doing so cause you've just gone into a pure solo mode. It's like they can no longer figure out how to walk forward and step around the corner themselves. Also of note I've turned off carbonized stream and the electric wave mez thing to help them focus on healing rather than cc, and while at times that may help them right now I'm a lot better off tanking things with a dps companion than a healer, unless fighting a champ mob, cause of these healing issues.