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I went into this quest after reading some of the horror stories and was able to finish it once.....after a few wipes and better communication. While not overly difficult, there are some improvements/changes that I'd like to see.

-This quest needs to be repeatable. The more people its open to, the more likely it will be to complete as the content gets older.

-The reward for such a long chain is not that great. At the very least if it was repeatable and an entire set of armor (one piece per completion) was available it might be worth it. As it stands I doubt I'd repeat this on the rest of my alts.

-There really needs to be priority transports on the planets involved for this and the seeker quests. Also, the order of both chains needs to be reworked a bit as you find yourself repeating planets you've already been to in one chain or the other.

-Add this and the seeker heroic to group finder? Just a thought. The only reason I wound up doing this was because someone was asking for a DPS in gen chat on fleet. The "healer" wasn't specced for heals but we had enough DPS to get through it with me taking lead after reading a guide on it.

This isn't a quest I'd go into purely as a pug unless you knew you had the confidence to communicate with the rest of the group. Again, not overly difficult but I can see where the patience would wear thin in a pug. I wish I remembered the names of everyone who did it with me the one time as they showed the utmost determination to finish it and listen to me.
The Reward wasn't worth the time spent doing it but I did it, not for the reward, it was a lot of fun .
IF I did it for the end reward I don't think I would have even bored with it .