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Guys, save this text. Because Bioware probably will delete this soon, since it's a evidence of their incompetence in designing MMO's PvP.
Thanks for the guide though. Now I'm ready for Ranked Warzones as a Defense Guardian in 2 days, just 2 days.
Why so long? Because I wear full DPS gear yet.
You read my mind, already saved.

The whole Bolster problem has kind of turned me off from level progressing and gearing up - as it seems going in PvE gear is about even or outdoes the PvP gear, which is fail. I was close to just finishing the storyline and giving up and cancelling sub. PvP is fun except in cases where the Bolster issue/exploit is obvious (Then its like, why bother and just leave the instance).

Thank you for the clear-ish guide Now to decide if I want to enjoy some Bolstered wzs with lowbie levels or go out and level.