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Hi All,

I've noticed the following bugs in the Op IX HM fight and was just wondering if these are isolate to us or if other have seen them since 2.0. We've downed the fight both before and after 2.0 multiple times so I know they're not caused by mistakes.

- Colour Deletion is occasionally activating shields incorrectly. We had 1 player (Who was blue) get called out for colour deletion by Purple (1st attempt) and Orange (2nd attempt which was successful), when shielded, it used his blue shield as well as the protector's shield.
This has been around since pre 2.0, and I don't understand how it could be an intended mechanic because it can really screw a group over depending on their rng. Thankfully I've never wiped because of the shielded person losing their shield for no reason but I can see it being a possibility every time it happens.

- If all players of 1 colour die in phase 2, their colour circles continue to appear and cannot be cleared. pre-2.0 they did not appear if all players of that colour had died, even if one had been revived.
This is just straight up not true, as other people have said

- Recognizer adds in phase 1 are now frequently targeting the healers instead of the players of the current colour like they did pre-2.0. Since these adds cannot be pulled by threat and must be taunted the entire first phase feels very constrained by the CDs on taunt and instead of being relaxing became tedious to tank.
I noticed this, along with the fact that the recognizers do slightly more damage than pre 2.0, I think this was their way to attempt to give the 2nd tank "something to do" during phase 1, although it hasn't affected our strategy at all.